What Educators Are Saying

 "As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill Sanders delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our's."

Evan A. Robb, Principal
Johnson-Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA




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Bill Provides Custom Inservices with stand up qualiy humor and powerful content


Watch video of Bill cracking teachers up!
Inservice Presentation - Becoming 'Life Touchers'

Who should attend?

Your entire staff will benefit. Everyone from your teachers to the office staff, food service, janitorial, bus drivers, parent helpers, and board members. This is one of the few in-service sessions where anyone coming in contact with students needs to be inspired to realize that each and every contact leaves an impression on the child. One of my premises is "You cannot not model" In other words we are all modeling our concern or lack of it, or love or lack of it, to each child all day every day.

Topics covered:

  • How to take care of yourself
  • Creative ways of staying motivated even in February
  • The 7 needs of every student
  • Why a sense of humor is vital to successfully reaching the hard to reach
  • Staying positive in a negative world
  • Making parents your ally in reaching their child
  • Realizing you are a professional who affects countless lives
  • How to spot hidden talents inside each and every student
  • The benefit and sustaining power of journaling
  • The best teachers are the best listeners and encouragers
  • Developing an attitude of gratitude

Best times to conduct this powerful in-service?

Before school starts, early in the year such as Sept or Oct, or in Jan to March to help each staff person get recharged. Bill can come for a special In-Service day or speak to staff before or after school when he is already there conducting assemblies for students.

Can schools get together for Bill's In-Service Program?

Absolutely. School districts often get together with all of their staff and quite often two or more smaller school districts come to a central location and enjoy the wit and wisdom of Bill Sanders.


How do we get started?

Watch the video clip and then call Bill at 1-800-950-0623 to see what dates would work best for your school. Bill will discuss your needs and tailor a talk that will address your specific needs.

Does Bill use a handout?

Yes, in fact, you can go to 'downloads' and see the handout Bill uses. You can download it and make a copy for each of your In-Service attendees.

Comments from school personnel who have attended:

  • "I wish I would have heard these words 18 years ago when I first started teaching. I would have had a much more fulfilling career."
  • "Our staff hasn't laughed that loud and often in years. We truly needed that!"
  • "Best in-service program I have seen in my 22 years of being a principal."
  • "My teachers think we should have you speak to us each Monday morning. They not only enjoyed your session, they are much more positive with their students and each other."
  • "We had no idea you could do your magic with our staff just as you did with our students. Thanks for inspiring us to 'get through to the kids and not just the book!"
  • "Where were you 23 years ago?"


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