What Educators Are Saying

 "As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill Sanders delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our's."

Evan A. Robb, Principal
Johnson-Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA




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"Having Bill Sanders come to our county was a wonderful experience. Bill has true passion for his subject and delivers a powerful message through entertaining stories that make us all think. I had Bill speak to students, county staff, and parents- he did a wonderful job for us. As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our county." Evan A. Robb,
Johnson-Williams Middle School,
Berryville, Virginia
"Bill Sanders gave the most powerful presentation in 20 years to our students and staff. Best message and speaker I've ever heard." Gretchen Sauer,
Downers Grove South High School,
Downers Grove, Illinois
"In my 20 years of experience in education and dealing with teenagers Bill Sanders message is one the most powerful and honest of any speaker I have ever heard." Rick Northrup, Principal
Hannan High School
Ashton, West Virginia
"I have received more positive calls about your message from parents than I have any other in my 4 years here as principal." Donnie Gaddis, Principal
Troy, Missouri
"1500 high school students…. one hour and forty minutes…. at times you could hear a pin drop…at others, the applause and laughter was exploding" Carl Spencer, Principal
Lancaster City Schools
Lancaster, Ohio
"In my 27 years I have been at Hindsdale South High School, we have never had a speaker hold the attention of the students and staff for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Simply Fantastic!" David Smith, Athletic Director
Hindsdale High School
Hindsdale, Illinois
"I have been in Education for 20 years and I truly feel your assemblies were the most effective ones I have ever experienced. You are making a difference in the lives of your audiences!" Dolores Spiels, Principal
Hamier Schools
Hamier, Ohio
"You rated off the scale on the evaluations of our students! Best speaker we have ever had at our state convention! Excellent! Have Bill Sanders back!" Mary Dawson
Convention Coordinator
Office Education Association of Michigan
"98 % of the students at our State Convention gave you an EXCELLENT RATING! Schools are calling to get your address and have you come to their school." Susan Owen
Education Program Specialist
Kansas State Department of Education
"Bill, you held our entire State Convention spellbound! I recommend you to everyone!" Valarie Montgomery
Business and Office Education
Tennessee State Department of Education
"Bill Sanders doesn't speak to people - HE CHANGES LIVES! You made our conference so successful. We hired a winner, and we won!" Jerald B. Lydeen
FBLA/PBL State Chairman
North Dakota Future Business Leaders of America
"From explosive laughter to where you could hear a pin drop! Bill Sanders is a master at keeping an audiences attention. Best In-Service we've ever had! I would recommend Bill Sanders without reservation to anyone!" Lawrence Davis, Principal
Buckley Community School
Buckley, Michigan
"Fantastic presentation! Never before have we had such a positive response to a speaker. Thank you for sharing your love of life with us!" Helen Cofer McClain
State Supervisor, Business Education
Georgia Department of Education
"Without exception the 200 supportive staff were inspired! One of our teachers said, "I feel like I should have paid for the opportunity to listen to him." Sharon Dee
In-Service Director
Valley View Schools
Romeoville, Illinois
"Absolutely Outstanding! Our teachers are all saying, "Let's get him back for our students." Best workshop ever!" Gordon Murri
Director of Curriculum
Pocatello Schools
Pocatello, Idaho
"2,500 students and teachers were inspired and recharged! Surrounding schools are calling to get your phone number!" Earl Finley
Knob Noster Schools
Knob Noster, Missouri
"Letters are still crossing my desk from state supervisors, chapter advisors, and students on the outstanding job you did at State Conference…Everyone wants you at their school!" Marie Burbach
Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
"Your closing session speech at our State Convention was simply OUTSTANDING! Everyone agrees it was an OVERWHELMING SUCCESS1" Patricia Merrick
Louisiana FFA
"Your enthusiasm and motivation set the tone…you were one of the highlights of our entire conference!" Patricia Morrell
Conference Director
Washington, D.C, FBLA
"860 Students were in the palm of your hand…when not laughing you could hear a pin drop. Comments I received, "FANTASTIC", "INSPIRING", "BEST ASSEMBLY WE'VE EVER HAD" Karl Winkelmann
Rosary High School
St. Louis, Missouri
"I can honestly say that your visit to our school district was the MOST MOVING EXPERIENCE I'VE HAD IN THE 20 YEARS I've had in the field of education." Sid Black, Principal
Melrose, New Mexico
"You really made an impact! Your keynote talk was PERFECT!" Richard Katt
Executive Secretary
Nebraska FFA
"All six schools want you back next year! You made me look like a hero!" Peggy Craig
Oskaloosa Schools
Oskaloosa, Kansas
"You were the HIGHLIGHT of our conference!" Ken Wackes
Westminster Academy
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"You have a God-given gift in your ability to blend humor and still reach the gut-level of the audience! Everyone WANTS YOU BACK!" Marcia Albrecht
Vero Beach High School
Vero Beach, Florida
"8,000 people from 80 countries and 50 states all loved you! We want you back next year!" Lisa Ellsworth
Chesterfield Schools
Chesterfield, Virginia
"The comments about your keynote were all "EXCELLENT" and all the teachers want you back. You're great! We will use your talents whenever possible."

Sue Bracksieck
Positive Programs
Portales, New Mexico

"After your assembly I saw a girl on the bus who didn't have anyone to sit with and I just went over there and sat with her. She was really happy, she smiled."
- Jessica, 6th grade

"When you were talking today, I thought you were talking straight to me. I want to do want you are doing for a living. I have always felt bad for people who were the 'losers' in life and now I have a mission not to just feel bad for them but to do something about it."
- Steve 12th

"I liked listening to you because you made us laugh and think about how mean we are to people some times. Our halls were totally quiet when we left the talk. You changed many of the kids and how they will think before they treat someone badly."
- John, 10th

"You helped us all see that we can change the way we act and treat people with kindness and not cruelty. Thank you for talking the time to speak to us."
- Mary, 7th grade

"You have turned me into a person who will stand up for loners."
- Fhalyshia 6th

"I told my boyfriend that I was not going to have sex with him Saturday night. We were planning on it for over a month, then you came to our school. I know it's not merely a coincidence and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the guts to say the things you say with the feelings with which you say them."
- Mandy 10th

"Thanks for all the laughs. I learned it's not nice to hurt people's feelings."
- Alan 4th

"I'm going to try not to be a bully to anybody or get into trouble. Did you know that you are my favorite author of all. I like your jokes. They made me laugh so hard."
- Makenna 4th

"You are really nice and you are nice to everyone you see. I fell better and better. I am thumbody special."
- Zak 5th

"Before I get into trouble I will tell myself everything you told us in the assembly. Thanks for the good words."
- Morgan 4th

"We learned so much and we really appreciate you sharing your wisdom on life with us. I plan on incorporating the ideas in my classroom."
- Mrs. Mrozek 4th grade teacher

"You were hilarious! Everybody laughed. My mom bought me Chicken Noodle Soup for the teenage girl's soul or something like that but she didn't even mean to. She thought it said Chicken Noodle Soup for the Kid's soul but how could she mistake the teenage girl's soul and Chicken Noodle Soup for the Kid's soul. (I guess she didn't use her noodle correctly!)"
- Haly 5th

"After your talk, I went into the bathroom and through out all of my chew. Your stories, especially the one about the girl with leukemia gave me the courage and inner fortitude to make some major changes in my life. You are not wasting your time."
- Harry 10th

"Because of your talk today I went home and told my mom how much I love her. We haven't been getting along for quite a while. You gave me the strength to do it. Thank you."
- Larry 11th

I learned to go out of my way for other people even if it is hard on me. People really do matter."
- Bobby 8th

"Your talk really makes a difference in people's lives. Our school is a nicer place and everyone can feel it."
- Susan 9th

"Before when someone was made fun of I would stand by and not become part of the problem, sometimes I would help the person being made fun of but not frequently. Now after your speech and examples I see this problem with a different view. Instead of sitting on the sidelines I will actually do something about it."
- Jacob 6th

Three of us girls came up and thanked you after your talk and instead of just saying thanks you seemed to be able to look into our eyes and lives and you challenged us to look for a girl who walks alone and eats alone and to make a difference in her life. We are going to do that but I just wanted to say thanks for not just giving us a canned speech but you live out your message."
- Julie 12th

"I'm considered one of the 'popular' 8th grade girls, and usually I watch kids eat alone or get made fun of, not doing anything because I thought it would ruin my 'popular' appearance. But after I heard you talk, I realized that it's not about whether or not you're popular, its about standing up for what you think is right."
- Shelby 8th

"I was mentally and emotionally moved by your speech. I learned that I can make a difference just by having the courage to stand up for someone who has no friends. I now help people when they drop their things or get made fun of."
- Chandila 7th

"I will be the one who goes through the halls looking for books that have dropped or students who are crying out in their silence. You inspired me. Thank you so much."
- Bill 11th

"I used to be embarrassed to do the right thing. Now I don't care what I look like as long as I'm myself. My mom died last year. I guess you really don't know what you have till it's gone. I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you but thank you for giving me confidence."
- Scott 6th

"I'm going to get my friends together and we are going to dedicate ourselves to help at least one person each and every week."
- Madi 7th

"You opened my eyes to see that I am part of the problem. I want to thank you so much."
- Michael 6th

"I use to compare myself with the popular people. When I realized that people can be so cruel I took a stand. I walked up to the bullies and told them to back off. They wanted to fight and all I did was walk away. Those kids never made fun of that girl again."
- DeAnna, 7th

"The last thing I took away from your speech was that if you are blessed with something, share that with someone who is not so lucky. I am enrolled in a tutoring program, and I hope to help someone who is struggling to read."
- Shelby 8th

"Thanks to you and your speech, which I thought would be a total waist of time, I have decided to remain a virgin until I get married. I don't know if I can do it but you have at least given me the courage to not be ashamed of my beliefs and give it an honest try."
- Sam 12th

"After your speech I went and sat with this one kid. He sitting all alone looking around probably thinking, "What's so different about me? Why am I sitting in a black hole every day all by myself? You know what, I was thinking the same thing about him. Why should he be left out in the rain? Yeh, he looks different. He acts different. He is different. There was just something inside him that was being hidden. I know what that one thing was. It was loneliness. One thing I learned that day was you may look different, act different. But inside you are just the same as everybody else but much much nicer. In conclusion, you were such an inspiration to me."
- Katie 7th

"After your talk me and my friends started being nice to this boy and now people are taking after us and now he has tons of friends. How cool."
- Alyssa 8th

"As I heard you speech. I thought, "Those heroes are my heroes too. I would not want to laugh with my friend because I am not a leader, I am a follower. But I would like to be a leader. I won't ever stare at someone if the get sick and have to leave class. You helped me change something inside me."
- Yuko 6th

You were sooooooooooo funny. I almost laughed my eyes out. I 'M' thumb body special!"
- Billy 3rd

"Your speech was an inspiration to me. After your talk I was with my wonderful friends and there was a boy sitting all alone. We went over and asked him if he wanted to sit with us. He says no, and I was so confused. I mean here I am standing there and asking him to sit with me. But I kind of get it. He doesn't want sympathy. He wants a friend, a real friend to talk to and to laugh with. And here I am, trying to make myself have a better conscience by asking him so sit with us. I remember you telling us how we're in it for our own interest. You helped me be a better person. You'll never know how much influence you have had on my life."
- Sophie 7th

"Your talk got everyone to thinking in the eight grade. People's attitudes changed, you could really tell. We all started thinking before we said things from that day on. I think you should keep on telling your stories. They change people."
- Kelsi 7th

"Your presentation inspired me. You talked like you really understand what we children are doing to each other. I don't like to gossip because it hurts me and the one being talked about. I get upset when my friends ignore me, it's a sad and horrible feeling. You have helped me face my fears and admit I am scared about going to high school."
- Kristy 8th

"I loved your stories, they touched my heart and now I realize how much I take life for granted. Now I will appreciate my friends, my family, and the kindness people show me. I will also be on the look out for people who are struggling."
- Rebecca 8th

"You taught me to say NEVER instead of NO when it comes to drugs and lying and other bad stuff."
- Jim 4th

"I freaked my mom out like you said. She asked me how my day was and I smiled and said "Better And Better". It really got her. She even went back and listened to you at night and bought me one of your books."
- Sarah 5th

"I am a single mom. The videos encouraged me to be consistent, loving, and forgiving. I now give hope by helping my kids emotionally"

"I’m a strong-willed person and parent. This video series taught me the difference between teaching my children with an open mouth and with open ears."

"Bill helped me to recognize some of the bad habits I let creep in that I learned from my parents. I reevaluated my ‘style’ of parenting and changed some things."

"I fell into the trap of several of Bill’s ‘classic mistakes and the walls they build’. This session alone changed the way I will parent forever."

"I needed to be reminded of the fact that the past is under grace. I must not dwell on it. I now focus on the opportunities that lie ahead."

"Bill Sanders puts himself on our level. His sense of humor, sincerity and the ability to touch hearts and lives has helped me look past my failures as a parent, to the mom God can help me be."

"I found myself laughing one minute and crying the next, all the while thinking of ways to be a better dad to my children"

"Having Bill at our church was one of the most significant things we have done for our families in the history of our church."

"For the first time in our marriage my husband and I wrote down our family values. Our children are learning them and are excited to know exactly what we stand for."

"My kids have noticed the change in me since the Opportunity Parenting Program at our church. They talk to me about important things and we are praying together as a family again. Bill, we can’t thank you enough for helping us put God in control of our lives again!"

"Bill Sanders’ seminar taught me how many of my actions were sending mixed messages to my teenage son. I can’t wait to ask for his forgiveness."