What Educators Are Saying

 "As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill Sanders delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our's."

Evan A. Robb, Principal
Johnson-Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA




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Elementary School Assemblies

Topics Covered

  • How to respect yourself and others
  • How to say "Never" to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
  • How to say "I'm sorry" and "forgive me" if you've hurt someone's feelings
  • How to act and stay positive about school, your potential, and others
  • How to wipe out bullying
  • Why kindness is cool and fun
  • "No matter what you say or do to me, I am still somebody special"
  • How and when to say, "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me"


Bill loves talking to elementary students. He usually leaves with more speech material than he brings. Recently he asked a group of kindergartners, "What does the red light mean?" A brave "little girl answered, Stop" How about the green light?" The same little girl proudly said, "Go." Finally he asked about the yellow light and she boldly said, "BEAT THE LIGHT!" Look at the pictures of students from some of Bill's elementary talks and you will notice them putting their fingers in a way that means "I am thumbody special" It is hard to believe Bill can hold the attention of hundreds of K-5th graders for 45 minutes, when it seems as if it lasted only about 15 minutes. The great thing about speaking to little children is that they go home and repeat each and every story they have heard, they love Bill's humor, and they drag their parents back when Bill has an evening parent/community program.

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