What Educators Are Saying

 "As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill Sanders delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our's."

Evan A. Robb, Principal
Johnson-Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA




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High School Assemblies

Topics include:

  • How to feel good about yourself every day
  • “No More Bullying! Don’t stand  By, Stand up For!”
  • Why caring for others is so important to each of your futures
  • How to resist negative peer pressure
  • Creative ways to say “NO” to alcohol, drugs, and premarital sex
  • Everybody Matters and Every Decision Counts
  • Leadership means Starting with Me, Starting Today!
  • Kindness takes Character
  • How to create a school atmosphere full of respect

Bill's Transparency

Imagine 1,500 high school and middle school students sitting in the gym or auditorium laughing one minute, totally quiet the next, maybe wiping a tear from their eye the next. Teachers sometimes spend part of their time watching their students respond to the magic of Bill Sanders.

While middle school and high school students have different needs and concerns Bill can combine the two groups and knows how to handle the tough and delicate topics. Bill's goal is to reach students in a way that they know and feel in their hearts that he was speaking just to them. He is after a change of attitude and if needed a change of behavior. Bill believes in your students but he also knows of the pressures and worries they carry around that often cause them to act in a way that isn't positive or healthy. Watch your students become more caring for one another and make healthier decisions as a result of Bill's powerful and inspiring assemblies.



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